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Mission Creek

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Mission Creek - National Bison Range, Moiese, Montana

Photos provided by Jim Hug
Jim's Big Sky Fishing

   The National Bison Range, tucked into a Y in the road near Dixon, Montana, was one of the first wildlife refuges in America. As its name suggests, this 120 year old refuge is home to a large buffalo herd averaging 400 head. The buffalo are not the only animals here; expect to see elk, deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and an occasional black bear. The preserve is spread over 13,000 acres, allowing a good chance to see wildlife. Scattered over the one-way gravel drive are a few short nature trails. The buffalo herd here is not accustom to the heavy traffic as in Yellowstone National Park and visitors should follow park instructions, keeping a cautious eye on these dangerous creatures.
   The parkland road winds through the rippling hills and grassland, and leads to the northern border. The Buffalo Herd Mission Creek, pictured here, follows the northern border. The visitor center is the best place to begin a self-guided tour where interpretive displays and orientation videos suggest the best ways to enjoy the refuge. Maps, brochures and staff can offer excellent tips for wildlife viewing and photography. This day-use park is also noted for its endless prairie landscape, except in the east, where it's topped with majestic peaks of the Mission Range.

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