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Clark Greenman House

Clark Greeman House

Photo by Ben Prepelka

Arrivals to New World in the 1500s focused their attentions to the sea. Cod fish were so abundant in the North Atlantic waters, fishing was the first major industry in the North Atlantic. It would be no surprise to hear the shipbuilding industry followed. By the mid 1700s Philadelphia was ranked third largest shipbuilding center in the world.
The Clark Greenman House in Mystic, Connecticut, offers a glimpse of an 1840s home that shipbuilding could buy. George Greenman and Company Shipyard was located at the Mystic port, cashing in on the glory years of whaling, from 1820 to 1850. The cost to build the Charles W.Morgan topped 25,000 dollars, and once outfitted with necessary equipment, the price tag doubled.
Today the Clark Greeman House is used as the administration building for the Mystic Seaport Museum. All the Greenman brothers built their homes in the Greek Revival style. Ornate features and porches were added, but the Greenman House paint would match an 1870s color scheme.



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