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Natural Dam

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Natural Dam  - Natural Dam, Arkansas

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Scenic wonders are spread throughout Arkansas, but here in the northwest, areas in the Blue Ouachita and Boston mountains attract the most attention. Blanketed with the Ouachita and Ozarks national forests, this million acre playground offers a generous helping of recreational fun for all.
     Waterfalls are always one of nature’s most soothing attractions, and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism lists sixteen waterfall sites here in the northwest. While most are easy to locate, a few are buried in remote sections of the Ozarks. Two of these wonders, Twin Falls and Hemmed-in Hollow Falls, require an overland trek. Hemmed-in Hollow Falls is found in a rugged section of the Buffalo National River National Park, and the Mountain Fork Creek - Natural Dam, Arkansas Richland Falls/Twin Falls site, located near Pelsor, is found after a two and a half mile hike.
     Not up to spending a day on a challenging waterfall excursion? Natural Dam, found in the town with the same name, is one of those easy access, roadside attractions. A 200 foot wide natural ledge runs across Mountain Fork Creek, creating this wonderful waterfall site. When William Larrimore discovered the falls during a hunting trip in 1819, he found a perfect reservoir for a grist mill. One of the earliest settlements in Crawford County, Larrimore also set up a church camp, which attracted settlers from all around the county. By 1838, Natural Dam had a store and post office. Except for its foundation, the grist mill is gone today, but the cool stream remains and is still a great place to picnic and cool your toes on a hot summer day.

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