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Mission San Francisco de la Espada

Mission San Francisco de la Espada

Photo by Amanda Haddox
In My Mind's Eye

     Mission San Francisco de la Tejas was founded in Texas in 1690. This new world Spanish settlement was hindered by disease and drought. Native Nabedache Indians believed the mission was the root cause of their troubles and forced the Roman Catholic priests to flee to Monclova, Mexico.
     When several more attempts to restart the mission were equally unsuccessful, westward relocation brought the church to the San Antonio River area. Established in 1731, renamed Mission San Francisco de la Espada, the mission church was completed in 1756. Here Mission Espada fit in comfortably with an existing presidio and other established missions on the San Antonio River.
     Today, the mission is one of four compounds that make up the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park. Located between Edwards Plateau and the Texas Gulf plains, the missions were built among Hill Country, and marked with a semi-arid climate. The San Antonio region is influenced by weather that blows in from the Gulf of Mexico. Its waters bring humidity and heat, making it the fourth hottest city in the United States.



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