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Benziger Family Winery - Sonoma Valley, California

Photo by Meri Cheatham
Inset photos from the Benziger Family Winery

   Rich in agricultural heritage and recognized as the birthplace of California’s wine industry, a few Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting Library - Benziger Winery, Glen Ellen, CA vineyards date back to the early 1800s, first planted by Spanish mission founders. Surviving a disease epidemic (phylloxera vitifoliae) and a 13 year dry spell during the Prohibition Era, Sonoma Valley thrives today. With the valley's red, gravelly soil and the perfect climate for growing grapes, Sonoma Valley has prospered like so many farming regions in California.
   The Valley's nickname, Valley of the Moon, was first recorded in an 1850 and further perpetuated by author Jack London. Able to ward off plans of a major highway through the area, Sonoma's master planners recognize the Valley as a natural treasure and promote an area void of multiple housing units and grand resorts. Retaining its original charm and roots in agriculture, the valley still offers a wide range of festivals and events. The area's wineries welcome visitors and offer a variety of sightseeing options, including luxury limo tours, trolley tours, biking tours, wine tasting tours and Wine Country balloon rides.
   This picture perfect, well manicured Sonoma Valley vineyard is owned by the Benziger Family. It is located just off London Ranch Road in Glen Ellen, Tram Tour - Benziger Winery, Glen Ellen, CA southeast of Santa Rosa, California. This winery operation promotes a term called biodynamics, for their unique style of balanced land management. Biodynamics utilizes the best types of soil for various, distinct flavors. In this bowl shaped valley, consisting of 42 acres, the Benzigers are devoted to growing grapes in the most natural way, avoiding inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides. More than 30 acres are self regulating habitats to attract beneficial insects and wildlife. This well kept vineyard is noted for its merlot, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. A tram tour of this family style business gives a fascinating and in-depth look into the wine making process. The tasting library offers a relaxed atmosphere for sampling the Benziger line of premium wines, one of the highlights of the wine tour.

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