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Scenic Route 24 near Fruita, Utah

Photo by Bob Fagley
Inset photos Ben Prepelka

   Starting in the east near the City of Green River, Utah Route 24 creates a grand loop through the south-central Navajo Dome - Capitol Reel National Park, Utah slickrock desert, just to end up back on I-70 to the west near Aurora. A section of this meandering drive, between Loa and Hanksville, Fremont River and Capitol Dome - Capitol Reel National Park, Utah turns the spotlight on Capitol Reef National Park. Here the scenic drive follows the Fremont River, an oasis in a parched environment. The 378 square mile Capitol Reef Park can be viewed as a northern extension of the huge Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument which covers an additional 1.7 million acres. Capitol Reef is a sightseers and hikers paradise, with deep red monoliths, sculpted spires, graceful arches, mesmerizing canyon mazes, and the imposing Waterpocket Nielsen Mill - Bicknell, Utah Fold. Here hikers and sightseers are blown away by the immense Reef that stretches out for nearly 100 miles. Various side roads and unimproved roads have the tendency to turn this scenic drive into a weeklong adventure. With historic structures and plenty of grand views, this route earns plenty of raves from those who have gone before. Miles from any large city, this is a true off-the-beaten-path experience.
    This scenic view captures the countryside near Historic Fruita as the setting sun casts its warm glow over Route 24. On rare occasions, late in the day, this golden hue seems to enliven everything in its path. It's a magical time of day when a small part of the world around us changes for a brief period of time during the golden hour.

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