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Granite Narrows

Granite Narrows - Arizona

Photos by Rob Jones
Rob's Trip Report

     With hiking permits secured well in advance, a cache in place for the return trip, and months of anticipation over, the morning has come for a decent into the world’s largest chasm. This five day trek, no place for the inexperienced, leads to a dozen scenic milestones, including Thunder River, Tapeats Creek, Deer Creek Canyon, and the final destination, Cobblestone Natural Bridge.
     A clear morning at the Monument Point trailhead on the North Rim gives a quick preview of the days ahead. As the trail descends, the Esplanade and Deer Creek Canyon come into view, lying thousands of feet below and days ahead. This adventure will lead through Grand Canyon backcountry, where trails are littered with loose rock, sometimes choked with cactus, and filled with some of the most stunning canyonland scenery in the world.
Cobblestone Natural Bridge      Countless switchbacks soon tell of the trail’s rapid descent; all the while knowing that someday soon the return climb will call for an extraordinary infusion of will power. This group of hikers bobs along a trail guarded by rattlesnakes, passed imposing sandstone walls of pinks and reds, and over huge slickrock domes, while marveling at the seeps and springs that trickle from invisible sources. Side canyons, beckoning to be explored, are filled with deep shadows, well hidden from the Arizona sun.
     This view of Granite Narrows marks the midway point between One Hundred and Thirty-five Mile Rapids and the refreshing Deer Creek Falls. A day ahead lie the terminus of the trip, a conglomerate called the Cobblestone Natural Bridge.
     Well before all the aches and pains are forgotten, another trip for this group of wilderness vagabonds is already placed in the planning stages.



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