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Hail to the Sunrise

Hail to the Sunrise

Photo by Ben Prepelka

The age-old Mohawk Trail, located in the northwest corner of Massachusetts, is said to be a highway of history. Today's scenic byway, Route 2, follows the famous Mohawk Trail, a heavily used pathway used for centuries. Native Americans first traveled this route by foot, following the Deerfield River. As white settlers moved into the area, the trail began to widen with the use of horse and wagon.
One stop along the highway is a monument to the five Indian Nations of the Mohawk Trail area. An impressive statue depicting a Mohawk native with open arms was erected by the Improved Order of the Red Men and unveiled in 1932. The 900 pound casting, perched upon a nine ton boulder, is inscribed with Hail to the Sunrise - In Memory of the Mohawk Indian. A pool below contains 100 stones, each inscribed by various Indian tribes throughout the United States.



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