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Kostoff Covered Bridge

Kostoff Covered Bridge

Photo and Feature Article
by Monnie Ryan
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     The Kostoff Covered Bridge, located on private property in Hartford Township, Ohio, spans a tributary of Yankee Creek. The 30 feet long Stringer Truss bridge is a relatively newbie, built in 1970. Wooden truss construction is a relatively simple skeleton structure. According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the most common truss types are the Warren, Pratt and Howe. Wood stringer bridges are quite common because they can be less costly to build. The stringers are, however, subject to rot and insect attack, especially where they come into contact with the ground. Covered truss bridges are braced on each side by a wooden truss and a roof. Although conventional wisdom says the siding and roofing were added to protect travelers, the real purpose is to shield the trusswork from the weather, protecting the investment. Timber bridges represent about 15% of all bridges listed in the National Bridge Inventory, but half on the list are supported by steel stringers and classified as steel bridges.
     This bridge can be seen from Thompson-Sharpsville Road between Hartford, Ohio, and Sharpsville, Pennsylvania. Hartford is known as the site of the Sharon Speedway, which is owned in part by Nascar driver Dave Blaney and his family. The half-mile oval dirt track is one of the oldest continuously operating racetracks in the United States.



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