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Photos by Gregory S. Hamilton
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     Hocking Hills Old Man's Cave - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio State Park, made up of six unique sections, is one of Ohioís most cherished parklands. Its cozy gorges, spooky recess caves, rugged cliffs, towering forests and graceful waterfalls have captivated visitors for centuries. Carved up with some of the deepest gorges in the state, this series of narrow ravines have been paved with inviting pathways and adorned with elegant stone footbridges and stairs. Cedar Falls - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio Its cool valley floors, shaded by towering cliffs, are decorated in a carpet of ferns and wildflowers. Although Old Manís Cave, Cedar Falls and Ash Cave (all connected by the Buckeye Hiking Trail) are the most popular sites. Conkleís Hollow, the Rock House and Cantwell Cliffs provide quieter settings, laced with challenging trails and more breathtaking Hocking Hills scenery. Rock House - Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio
     This view of Conkleís Hollow (main photo) is captured from the two and a half mile Rim Trail. Carved by incessant erosion into Black Hand sandstone, the dramatic bluff line rises 200 feet above the valley floor. The narrow gorge was named for W.J. Conkle who carved his name on a sandstone cliff wall in 1797.
     Located about an hourís drive south of Columbus, Hocking Hills State Park is open every day of the year. Especially scenic during a winter snowfall, hikers are cautioned on the Rim Trail any time of year. Here no retaining walls or guard rails mark the edge of the steep cliffs, calling for extreme caution and common sense. Keeping youngsters in check, this natural area will make for an exceptional family outing and rewarding adventure.

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