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Indian Blanket

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Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   This colorful sandstone wave, located in Goosenecks State Park, Utah, is often referred to as Navajo Tapestry or the Indian Blanket. A marvelous geological showcase, this unique rock formation lies on the eastern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Having collected massive amounts of wind-blown sand, the layers have become compressed and cemented together over a long period of time. Wrinkled by geological forces called the Raplee Anticline, these rock layers have become exposed over time by erosion.
   The Indian Blanket, pictured here, is made up of mudstone, limestone, siltstone and sandstone. The dark bands are enriched with iron oxide, giving its distinct deep red color. Incredible as it sounds, some areas in this region collected over 10,000 feet of wind-blown sand.

    Goosenecks Overlook Map

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