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Kendrick Mountain Wilderness

Kendrick Mountain Wilderness

Photos by Rob Jones

     Kendrick Peak, part of the great San Francisco Mountain Range, is Arizona's second highest peak. Imagine the view from on top at 10,418 feet! The Kendrick Mountain Trail, more than a moderate challenge, is listed as a nine mile roundtrip. Views from the peak; the Coconino Plateau, Government Prairie, Oak Ranger CabinCreek Canyon, and a distant, 50 mile view of the cliffs at the Grand Canyon's North Rim. This fantastic lookout provided a prime location for a forest service fire-watch. The 1912 U.S. Forest Service lookout cabin and tower are still in place, making a suitable goal for a climb to the peak. A pastureland, near the cabin, provided grazing land for the Ranger's mounts, used to make the daily trip to the tower above.
     The Kendrick Mountain Wilderness, covering 6,500 acres, is forested in pine, spruce, fir, oak and aspen. In 2000, the Pumpkin Fire covered 15,000 acres, greatly affecting wilderness land. From FDR 149, the Pumpkin and Bull Basin Trails wind through the wilderness land, and lead to the ranger cabin. From there on, the Kendrick Trail leads to the top and the lookout tower.



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