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North Coast- Del Norte County, California

Photos by Alexa Goldman

     The North Coast Region of California begins just north of the San Francisco Bay Area and follows the Pacific coastline northward to the North Coast Kayakers - Del Norte County, California Oregon Border. California's Route 1 follows the shoreline for 200 miles before it turns inland. Muir Woods, Point Reyes, Bodega Bay, Fort Ross SHP, Point Arena and Fort Bragg are a few of the highlights along this scenic stretch of highway. At Leggett, sightseers will join U.S. Route 101 for a trip into a land of giant trees and unspoiled countryside. Here a string of small coastal towns, rippling hills, vineyards and rugged coastline make up the wonders of the Far North Coast.
     Inland, a dozen or so parks and forest reserves protect the remaining stands of magnificent redwood trees, fragrant cedars and stately ponderosa pines. On the slopes of the Coastal Range, old growth forests provide a habitat for bobcats, foxes, Roosevelt elk, black bears and migrating birds. These parklands are a haven for walking tours, hiking, kayaking, river rafting, mountain biking, wildlife watching, fishing and camping. For those with more urban tastes, coastal Headlands and Seastacks - North Coast, California communities offer plenty of accommodations, restaurants, shops, historic sites and landmarks.
     This splendid coastal scene is found along U.S. Route 101 on California's North Coast. This scenic route winds through Del Norte County, and as it approaches Crescent City it's just about 15 miles from the Oregon border. Crescent City area is known for its battered headlands, secluded beaches, fascinating tidal pools, sea stacks, a raucous sea lion population and wonderful seaside vistas. The weather here can change like a teenager's mood, and range from fog to sun, mist or rain. This rugged coastline offers scenic views in nearly any direction.

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