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Washoe Valley

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Washoe Valley - Carson City, Nevada

Photo by Gary O'Toole

   Nevada's Washoe Valley, filling the gap between the Sierra Nevada and Carson mountain ranges, attracts hundreds of migratory bird species and plenty of state park visitors every year. Located about halfway between Carson City and Reno, is best known for periods of ultra high winds. And when weather is more comfortable, many enjoy Washoe and Little Washoe lakes for a variety of water sports and lakeside activities. These stiff Nevada winds also make a perfect site for windsurfing when afternoon thermals blow about 3 to 5 days a week. Because it's close to the capital city, Washoe Lake State Park is a popular park, providing a large campground, equestrian facilities, and plenty of park amenities. Stamp Mill - Berlin, Nevada Aside from boating, windsurfing and water sports, other park activities include nature studies, hiking, horseback riding, and biking.
   Modern history of the Washoe Valley begins in 1859 when the Comstock Lode was discovered. Here in western Nevada, history pages tell about one of the richest mines in the country. The Ophir and New York stamp mill remnants are found along the lakeshore, reminding visitors of the boom days in the midst of the 19th Century. Pictured here in this valley view is a boardwalk leading out to a lakeside wetlands and viewing tower. The Carson Range creates a majestic background for this popular Nevada park. Cattle and farming operations eventually drove away all the Washoe Indians, leaving only their name for this valley and the two lakes.

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