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Chesapeake's Watermen

Chesapeake's Watermen

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     Chesapeake watermen have crabbed and fished the immense bay waters for hundreds of years. Watermen, an old English name, are as much as an endangered species as the shellfish of the Chesapeake. Shellfish industry rules have changed, but most of the watermen's methods are still used today. Because of the new laws on the books, watermen have resorted to sail power to dredge for oysters.
      Chesapeake, a native name meaning the great shellfish bay, is America's largest estuary, stretching out for 185 miles. This view shows off a waterman's catch back at Bubba's dock, while they wait for weigh-in. It's midday and a day's work on the bay is done.



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