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Evening Light on Delicate Arch

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Delicate Arch at Sunset

Photo by Ben Prepelka
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   Utah's soft evening light creates a glow across Arches National Park and casts long shadows on the cliffs around Delicate Arch. While the majority of Delicate Arch visitors stop at the first parking area near Wolfe Ranch and the trailhead to Delicate Arch, continuing on Delicate Arch Road leads to this alternate viewpoint. It's a long climb to Delicate Arch, and this viewing area is the next best place to see this iconic wonder.
   Most often the best photographic light occurs either with the early morning or late day sun. Some photographers go so far as to say a photograph is not about the subject, but the light cast on the subject. This view, enhanced by the sun's low angle, produces deep shadows and gives a sense of depth. This softened light further enhances the reddish hues of the surrounding slickrock and gives a warm color contrast.
   If you're looking for higher quality photographs, use a tripod, make sure you fill the frame and choose a variety viewpoints. In this photograph's background a band of anxious photographers await their own prized photo. Viewing this popular arch without visitors would be a rarity. Unnoticed background objects can detract from picture quality. Luckily, with today's advances in photo editing software, most of these detractions can be removed.
   So, when set out with your camera take along a few photographic tips, take lots of images, and with a little practice your photographs will achieve a more satisfying look.

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