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Silver Lake State Park

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Silver Lake State Park - Hart, Michigan

Photos by Terri and Ben Prepelka

Little Sable Point Lighthouse - Silver Lake State Park, Michigan    Little Sable Light, one of Lake Michigan's picturesque lighthouses, is nestled among the dunes near this soothing beach scene at Silver Lake State Park. Located on a point of land west of Hart, the 3000 acre park not only draws visitors to the lighthouse, but on week-ends hundreds flock to the huge dunes surrounding Silver Lake. One of the most popular areas of the park, about 450 acres, is set aside for off-road vehicles. Here among the dunes, its steep inclines and sudden drop-offs create a challenging course for ATVs. The remaining 1500 acres of sand dunes Silver Lake - Silver Lake State Park, Michigan are set-up for hiking and exploration.
   Just west of Silver Lake and the main section of the park is this beautiful section of inviting beach. Stretching out for four miles, this segment of beachfront is the place for fun during the summer months. Warm sunshine and cool water make for a perfect day on Lake Michigan. Later in the year, when temperatures begin to cool, a lakeshore stroll can be relaxing and offer more scenic sights. Sunsets, the 107 foot brick light-tower, blue lake waters and sand dunes are some of the small wonders found in this Michigan playground.

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