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Rockwell Lighthouse

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Rockwell Lighthouse (Bray's Point Light) - Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Photo by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Photography

   While four-dozen Wisconsin lighthouses follow the borders of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, six more beautiful lighthouses are found inland gracing the shoreline of Lake Winnebago.
   Located west of Lake Michigan, Lake Winnebago's waters flow toward Green Bay via the Fox River. It's here at the outlet of the Fox River where the ornate Rockwell Lighthouse was built on Bray's Point. A landmark since 1909, the lighthouse tower was designed by George Andrews Rockwell shortly before his death. With plans in hand to build his friend's lighthouse, William Bray acquired the land at today's Bray's Point. After failing to convince the government of the need of a lighthouse, Bray went on to build this elegant structure with his own funds. The lighthouse and home at Bray's Point became a showcase in Oshkosh, where Bray hosted parties and entertained friends.
   In 1917, the government realized the light's importance and began paying its operational costs. During an Oshkosh redevelopment program in 1980, the plan not only focused on the town, but included the Rockwell Lighthouse (also known as Bray's Point or Buckstaff lighthouse) as well. With its smooth stucco finish and delicate ironwork, the light was restored and relit. Although Rockwell Lighthouse is located in a park-like setting, the lighthouse remains on private property and it's always best to seek permission for a close-up photograph.

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