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Weston Firehouse

Weston Firehouse

Photo by Ben Prepelka

    Humans have been creating their own fire for the last 125,000 years. Controlling fire for cooking and heating was an essential part of everyday life. The majority of 18th century homes were built of wood and presented a constant danger of a raging fire. Boston is thought to be the first town with a loosely organized fire fighting club.
    Benjamin Franklin proposed a similar fire-fighting organization for Philadelphia in 1736. His idea caught on, and firemen there not only attempted to douse the blaze, but also tried their best to save homeowner and merchant's property.
    Pictured here is Weston's first firehouse. A colorful, 1800s Concord Coach, used as a bandwagon, is kept at the firehouse. This Vermont town was settled in 1761 and is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.



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