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Children's Museum of Indianapolis


Photo by William Hayes

     The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is the largest children's museum in the world. The initial construction was completed in 1976, with costs nearing seven million dollars. Five additions since 1976 have increased the floor space to 400,000 square feet, including 11 major galleries that spread over five levels. The additional floor space and exhibits carried a price tag of almost 80 million.
     The Dinosphere was the largest transformation and is viewed as an extraordinary feature of the museum. More exhibits include the outdoor Clowes Garden Gallery; a 55 ton, 19th century locomotive and depot; the SpaceQuest Planetarium; the Biotech Learning Center; and the Health House, for a much needed exhibit promoting healthy lifestyles.
     In this view, grandchildren briefly pause for this necessary photo op before a day of fun. Although the museum is a learning center for youngsters, all visitors and chaperones should find the exhibits fascinating.



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