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Sentimental Rose Tea Garden

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Longaberger Homestead - Frazeysburg, Ohio

Photos by Gregory S. Hamilton
Greg Hamilton Photography

     Some of the first signs of spring are among some of the prettiest. Frequently, crocuses, tulips and daffodils won't let a light covering of snow stop them from announcing the arrival of spring. It's no wonder that bulbs are used heavily in northern flower beds, providing masses of color from March into June.
     Here at the Longaberger Homestead in Frazeysburg, a bed of tulips shows that it's springtime. It's also a time when the Longaberger family gets ready to entertain seasonal guests. The Crawford Barn invites its visitors to the Make-a-Basket Shop where there is everything you need to form your very own creation.
     Longaberger Homestead's hungry guests may find something Longaberger's extreme Apple Basket at the Longaberger Heartland Deli, Flossie's Ice Cream Shop or the Sentimental Rose Tea Garden. Following a Victorian theme, the tea house offers scones, finger sandwiches, desserts ... and of course a variety of teas. You may want to sample the strawberry soup or lemon scones. And if your sweet-tooth isn't quite satisfied, there's plenty of dessert to pick from. No Longaberger tour would be complete without having your photo taken in front of the huge apple basket.

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