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Gov. Stanford Locomotive - California Railroad Museum, California

Photo by Gary O'Toole
Inset photos by Scott Dommin

   Old Town Sacramento, sometimes called the birthplace of California, experienced a huge growth spurt when North Pacific Coast RR #12 gold was discovered nearby at Sutter's Mill. A century later, Sacramento had completely lost its luster, crying out for a bold redevelopment plan. The city's master plan painstakingly reconstructed gold rush era buildings, and added museums, shops and restaurants. Now, Old Town Sacramento has been designated as a National Landmark and a state historic park.
   Today, nearly 5 million Sacramento visitors walk the cobblestone streets and wooden boardwalks every year, taking in river cruises on the Sacramento River, or touring the town in a horse and buggy. Western Pacific No. 913 EMD Model F-7A Diesel Locomotive The California State Railroad Museum, one of the finest in the country, attracts rail fans and kids of all ages. The museum pays tribute to days of the Iron Horse, featuring nearly two dozen vintage locomotives and rail cars. Museum railroad engines and cars, dating back to 1862, represent a wide time period of railroad history. A full scale diorama features the wood burning Gov. Stanford Locomotive #1, taking visitors back to the beginnings of the western railroads. A steam powered excursion train features a 40 minute, six mile roundtrip along the Sacramento River, an Old Town highlight.

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