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Sodus Point Lighthouse

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Sodus Point Lighthouse - Sodus Point, New York

Photo by Jack Ryan
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   What was once the Assorodus (silvery waters) to Native Americans, is now the Great Sodus Bay, New York's largest natural bay on Lake Ontario. Sodus Bay, east of Rochester, drew the attention of both the military and commercial interests early in the 19th century. Viewed as a favorable port, the entrance to the bay at Sodus Point also received a great deal of interest. During the early 1800s , the point was enhanced with a pier, beacons and a lighthouse. The original lighthouse tower was completed and lit in 1825. Even though built of stone, the first light-station structures deteriorated over time, calling for replacement by 1869. The original tower's stone material was reused as a 70 foot jetty. The replacement light-station included a two and a half story light-keepers quarters and a 45 foot lighthouse tower, all constructed of Kingston limestone. Although the lighthouse was deactivated 30 years later, a light-keeper remained on duty until 1953, tending the pier-head navigation beacons at the harbor entrance.
   Today, the Sodus Bay Historical Society manages the property, including a museum, library and gift shop. The well preserved Sodus Point Lighthouse is an attractive landmark on the shores of Lake Ontario.

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