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Henry Covered Bridge

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Henry Covered Bridge - Eighty Four, Pennsylvania

Photo by Nick Havrilla

     Covered bridges can be found scattered throughout America's country back-roads, and here in Pennsylvania bridge fans have a good chance to track-down many of these historic structures. The covered bridge, sometimes called the kissing bridge, dates back to early 19th century America. During early conflicts, the bridge served as a meeting place for the area's militia. Its intricate maze of timbers became an excellent place to hide their weapons. Easy access to the stream below also created an inviting spot for the fisherman, as well as youngsters wishing to cool off on a hot summer's day.
     Having one of the highest concentrations of historic bridges in western Pennsylvania, there are 29 covered bridges still standing in Washington and Greene counties, and many are still open to everyday traffic. In this picturesque setting, located in Washington County, is a fine example of early American craftsmanship. The Henry Covered bridge was built during the mid 1800s following a simple queen post truss in its design. The bridge is 36 feet long and just over 12 feet wide as it crosses Mingo Creek. The structure is owned and maintained by the Washington County and open to vehicular traffic.      The Henry Bridge, quite popular among residents, has lost its true identity and its actual origin is not known. Its vertical board siding covers both the sidewalls and end portals. Painted barn red inside and out, two square windows allow light in and give onlookers a great view of Mingo Creek. Because of its location within the park, the bridge is a local favorite and receives a great deal of attention, especially during the annual Covered Bridge Festival.

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