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Highland Lighthouse

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Highland Lighthouse - North Truro, Massachusetts

Photos by Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez Photography

   A aerial map view shows the Cape Cod Peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic, appearing like a beefy wrestler's arm. Cape Cod National Seashore covers the forearm and 28,000 acres of beaches, protected by a high wall of dunes. The Highland Lighthouse, nearby North Truro, was the first navigational aid to be built on the Massachusetts Cape. The original structure dates back to 1797, authorized by America's first President. A replacement was redesigned in the mid 1800s, with construction beginning in 1856. The 66 foot tower and light-keepers quarters were complete in October of the following year.
   During the last few decades it became clear that beach erosion had dangerously whittled away at the cliffs surrounding the lighthouse. As the tower sat precariously on the bluff's edge, a group of concerned citizens, led by Bob Firminger and Gordon Russell, campaigned to save the light. Thanks to all the donors and supporting government agencies, this story has a happy ending. Highland Lighthouse The structure was jacked, supported, then transported to its new position 570 feet away from the cliff edge in a little over two weeks. The 1.5 million dollar move was completed in July 1996.
   Today the Highland Lighthouse, masterfully captured in this faint morning view, is open to the public from mid May to mid October. The Highland Museum and Lighthouse Inc works in conjunction with the National Park Service in preservation of this 150 year old historic light-station.

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