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Doheny Beach

Doheny Beach

Photos by Julianne Bradford
Julianne Bradford Gallery

There are a few good reasons that California's Doheny Beach is so popular. First off, camping on the beach is a rarity, and Doheny is number one in the eyes of Orange County campers. Although sequestered to the north end of the beach, old-timers still line the cool pacific waters with their surfboards, just as soon as the waves call. Walkers get their daily exercise along the beach, either a short hike to Capistrano Beach or a 10 mile roundtrip to San Clemente Pier.
For school age children, park personnel put on a variety of exciting educational programs. Getting away from the classroom can be a refreshing change for both teachers and the students. Marine life programs introduce youngsters to various sea creatures found in ocean pools. Life Cycles and Adaptations focus on resident marine mammals and birds in this coastal setting. The Health of the Ocean lesson guides school groups on a positive direction, geared toward protection of this fragile environment. Many hands make the Adopt-the-Beach Cleanup an easy, yet fulfilling experience. Recent efforts have improved Doheny Beach water quality, but the struggle continues.



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