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Christ's Chapel Memory Park

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Christ's Chapel - South Newport, Georgia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Making a strong case against a brash statement, bigger is always better, this tiny roadside chapel near Skellman's Bluff is among some of the smallest churches in America. Measuring 10x15 feet, Christ's Chapel in Memory Park will seat a dozen people when services are conducted every third Sunday of the month.
   Just a short distance from I-95, the chapel draws in thousands of sightseers. Christ's Chapel Interior Here on its well worn gravel parking lot, shaded by large oaks, visitors are greeted by a statue of Christ. A short pathway leads up to the chapel, a delightful little respite that seems to be always open. Listed as a non-denominational church, the concrete block structure is highlighted by English stained-glass windows, stained interior woodwork and all the details one would find in any church. Its tiny pulpit is brightened by natural light, which streams through three arched windows. Built in 1949 by Agnes Harper, the deed of Georgia's smallest chapel is recorded in the name of Jesus Christ.
   Located on Highway 17, one of the highlights of Georgia's Coastal Scenic Byway, Christ's Church is more than a roadside attraction; it was Agnes Harper's dream to have a place of meditation and rest for weary travelers.

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