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Terrace Hill

Terrace Hill

Photos by Ben Prepelka

Terrace Hill Tower     Benjamin F. Allen, known as Iowa's first millionaire, saw his 18,000 square foot home completed in 1869. Once dubbed the palace of the prairie, the Victorian mansion was built on a hillcrest, providing a great view of today's Des Moines skyline. Originally, the home was built on 30 acres on the outskirts of a town of 7,000 people. Des Moines has grown up around Terrace Hill, and the mansion is now located in the heart of Iowa's capitol city.
     Terrace Hill now belongs to the state and has housed the last three governors and their families. The mansion has been available for tours since 1978, and has welcomed visitors from all around the world. Terrace Hill, located at 2300 Grand Avenue, covers an eight acre city block and is complete with artwork and period antiques. The carriage house serves as a visitors center and gift shop, featuring historic displays.



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