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Lake Crescent

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Lake Crescent - Olympic Peninsula. Washington

Photos by Sam Prepelka

   Travelers heading west on Washingtonís U.S. Route 101, from Port Marymere Falls - Olympic Peninsula, Washington Angeles to the Pacific Coast, may be pleasantly surprised when finding the beautiful Lake Crescent right alongside the highway. This winding section of roadway drops down to the lakeshore where lake waters gently lap the roadbed. Skirting around the southern edge of Lake Crescent, sightseers are instantly enticed to stop.
   Located on the Olympic Peninsula, Lake Crescent is believed to have been created by a landslide. Still visible from overhead, a great rock-slide dammed the waters of Indian Creek, creating a lake filled with brilliant blue water and a unique fish population. Trapped in a landlocked lake, the Beardslee rainbow trout and Crescenti cutthroats provide some of the best fishing in the area.
   Once youíve stopped, thereís no reason not to take in Marymere Falls. A short creek side trail, less than a mile, leads up to the delightful year-round falls. The trailhead is located at the Storm King Visitor Center and leads to Marymere where the falls plunge 90 feet into a blue-green pool below. This area is chocked full of scenic wonders, and begs for days of exploration.

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