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Red Breaks

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Red Breaks - Escalante, Utah

Photo by Rob Jones
Rob's Trip Report

Red Breaks Slot    This enthusiastic backcountry hiker pauses briefly in a narrow passage of Red Breaks, giving a sense of scale to the scene. Utah's Red Breaks are found in a sandstone maze called the Escalante Canyons. The mix of narrow slots and passageways are separated by open sandy stretches, cut through some of the nation's wildest landscape. Called a canyoneer's paradise, these tight slot canyons sometimes require a chimneying maneuver to pass through a few difficult necks. Additional major obstacles include 20 foot vertical steps, chokestones and stagnant pools.
   While heading southward on the 60 mile Hole-in-the-Rock Road from the town of Escalante, and looking for Harris Wash, the trip has already started to sound like a great adventure. A side road at mile 11 heads east along the Harris Wash to the trailhead. In search of Red Breaks, the left fork turns quite rough and rugged, crossing streambeds, through sugar sand and steep grades. And it's often said, "Getting there is half the fun!"

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