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London Vale Mills

London Vale Mills -  Paradise, Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Just mention Lancaster County to anyone who's familiar with Pennsylvania and they'll quickly reply, "That’s Amish country." Recognized for some of the prettiest farms and some of the hardiest farmers in the country, visitors will also enjoy some of the country's oldest towns and villages. Dating back to the early 1700s and thinly spread over miles of farmland, these charming communities offer a relaxing stroll passed restored homes, churches, cozy cafes, antique shops and historic landmarks.
     Here in Paradise Township you'll find more friendly people, small peaceful communities, at least six of Pennsylvania’s covered bridges and this 265 year old grist mill. London Vale Mill Street Entry Built on land that was part of the original Ferree Tract, records only indicate that Samuel Lefevre requested a road be built to his new mill in 1748. Upon Lefevre's death, his estate sold the mill to the Eshleman family in 1789.
     Built alongside London Vale Run, the meandering tributary to Pequea Creek furnished power to the mill machinery for countless years. It is believed that Jacob Eshleman III dubbed the unnamed mill London Vale by the early 1800s. It was then a new mill race was dug and modern milling machinery was added. Along with the tasks of milling wheat and corn, the Eshlemans also delivered their products to Lancaster. With a small distillery at the farm, it's quite possible that distilled spirits also accompanied their deliveries.
     The London Vale Mill remains in the Eshleman family and still retains a majority of its milling machinery. Standing in remarkable condition, this mill is privately owned and not open to the public.

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