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Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach

Photo by Nick Havrilla

     Laguna Beach, lying almost equidistant between San Diego and Los Angeles, was once the vacation spot for inland Californians. Slowly the beachside village developed into a resort area, with beginnings in 1886 when the Arch Beach Hotel opened its doors.
     The beach areas are surrounded by steep mountain cliffs, blue Pacific waters and rugged topography. This secluded village attracted a variety of artists. It didn't take long until they banded together, refurbished an old wooden building and hosted an 1918 art exhibition.      
Today, Laguna Beach seems to have retained its small town charm, insured by tough zoning laws. The area's natural beauty, which initially lured a bevy of artists, is still the drawing card. The moderate California climate insures year around comfort and easy living.



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