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Chauvin Sculpture Garden

Chauvin Sculpture Garden - Chauvin, Louisiana

Photos by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Photography

      After earning a degree, most psychologists go on to work in specific branches and subfields of psychology. Part of developmental psychology, an interesting theory in child psychology focuses on the family birth order and how successive offspring seek to full unique models of what parents seem to expect. Some of the last born children have very few niches to fill and opt to think outside the box and are more likely to be open to fresh ideas. Chauvin Garden Sculpture The theory goes on to state that while the first born are happy to maintain the status quo, the last born are filled with radical ideas and rare innovations.
     No one may ever know about Kenny Hill's birth order or what he had in mind when he began his sculpture garden alongside a bayou in Chauvin, but thanks to the Kohler Foundation and Nicholls State University everyone may experience this unique collection of sculptures today.
     Camping out on the Petit Calliou in 1988, Kenny Hill began to fill a garden plot with an array of statues, a columned portico and even a lighthouse. Chauvin Garden Lighthouse Many pieces follow some type of biblical theme, rich in color and totally unconventional. Born during the nuclear age, Kenny Hill went on to become a brick layer, the basis for his concrete sculptures and brick lighthouse. During his ten year stay on the Bayou Petit Caillou, Hill filled the property with over 100 statues. Some self-portraits show the struggles between good and evil, and others exude a life of pain and suffering. Hill was finally evicted in early 2000, unable to comply with upkeep requests and rent payments.
     The sculpture garden is now open to the public from dawn until dusk, when anyone can critique the artwork and apply any interpretation they wish. Most garden browsers call it Folk Art, where others see it as a spiritual vision. The layperson may come away from it all just as confused as when they first entered the garden.

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