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Lake Kelso

Lake Kelso at the Burton Wetlands Nature Preserve

Photo and Feature Article
by Monnie Ryan
Zenfolio Gallery

Burton Wetlands Nature Preserve, managed by Ohio's Geauga Park District, includes this scenic view, the 22-acre Lake Kelso. The 287-acre property, designated National Natural Landmark, includes the Charles Dambach Preserve and over two miles of trails. Located in Burton Township, the park is surrounded by the 700-acre Cuyahoga Wetlands.
Visitors will find a number of rare and endangered plants, including green woodland orchids, bunchberry, and tamarack trees. Nuisance plants, such as a lethal patch of poison sumac, also plague the Lake Kelso area. Among the more unusual animals that thrive here are the northern waterthrush and four-toed salamanders. In addition to a variety of waterfowl that stop here during migration, bald eagles, osprey, tundra swans and loons can be seen, depending on the season.
The property around the lake was the site of a private fishing club from the 1950s to 1970s. The Dambach Preserve is named for Charles A. Dambach, a conservationist who at one time lived in the village of Burton. The nearby village of Burton was founded in 1798, and is Geauga County's oldest settlement. The town square is patterned after the village greens in New England. A log cabin on the square resembles the Kentucky home in which Abraham Lincoln was born. Not only does the cabin serve as an information center, it is a working sugar house that produces maple syrup each spring. Maple sugar candy is made throughout the year. Since 1938, the Burton Historic District has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other historic buildings in the village include the Century Village Museum, operated by the Geauga County Historical Society & Museum and Auburn Church. Built in 1846, the church serves as a meeting house today and often is used for weddings.



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