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Barbers Point Beach Park

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Barbers Point Beach Park - Kapolei, Hawaii

Photos by Andy Cook
Andy Cook Photography

     Some vacationers like the bustle of the city, the familiarity of famous places and atmosphere of a resort; others travelers enjoy a private get-away, the solitude of a quiet beach and the idea of discovering something off the beaten track. Here on the Island of Oahu, the choices include just about any setting that a sightseer could imagine.
     Oahu, the third largest Hawaiian island, is home for the majority of the island chain's population and some of the most famous Hawaiian landmarks, such as Beachside Sailboat - Oahu, Hawaii including Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. All these famous Hawaiian places are located on the busy southern end of the island.
     Barbers Point, named after the commander of the British brig Arthur, is also called by its Hawaiian name Kalaeloa. Captain Henry Barber, caught on a coral shoal to the west of Pearl Harbor, lost his ship and six of his crewmen. Since the shipwreck in 1876, the southern point has gone by Barbers Point. During World War II, 3500 acres on the point were divided into two military facilities, a Naval Air Station and a Marine Corps Air Station. The facilities incorporated aircraft runways, hangars, maintenance shops, storage buildings and housing for over 3000 men. After 60 years of service, one the largest naval air stations in the Pacific was closed and turned over to the Hawaiian government. The Kalaeloa Airport makes use of the runway and is also used as an alternate landing site for Honolulu International Airport.
     Located in one of Hawaii’s busiest industrial areas, Barbers Point Beach Park is one of those hidden gems that doesn't receive a whole lot of attention. Marking those same coral shoals that stopped Captain Barber, the 71 foot Barbers Point Lighthouse dates back to 1933. This wasn't the original, as the first light station was established in 1888. About a half hour from Waikiki, the lighthouse is located on a beautiful beach off the end of Kalaeloa Boulevard. Here on the southwestern tip of Oahu, this scene of palm trees, rocky beach, crashing waves and the lighthouse can only get better with a setting sun in the background.

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