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Cathedral Peak

Cathedral Peak - John Muir Trail - California

Photos by Rob Jones
Wilderness Vagabond Trip Reports

     Beginning at Happy Isles on the Merced River and following the John Muir Trail (JMT) southward, backcountry hikers slowly make their way through some of the country's grandest scenery. With a trail terminus near the tallest peak in the lower 48 states, a Mount Whitney climb will certainly cap off this glorious adventure. Monkshood
     Trail miles, coupled up with resupply trips and elevation gains, the 212 mile JMT journey easily doubles the total number of hiking miles. It's a quick climb out of Yosemite Valley to 7,000 feet as the process of high altitude hiking prepares one for the ultimate climb to Mount Whitney at 14,496 feet.
     This view of a well worn trail through Long Meadow gives a good idea of the popularity of the JMT. Rising from the meadow floor, Cathedral Peak continues to impress Yosemite visitors, just as John Muir was captivated by its majestic appearance in 1869 (first recorded ascent). Primarily used by backpackers and day-hikers, the trail also sees occasional trail riders, runners or a pack train. Food supply services and food drops are an important part of this month long trek. Pack train services should be trusted to those experienced suppliers, as a mistimed delivery could spell some anxious hours. The John Muir Trail is the longest stretch of the Pacific Coast Trail without highway connections, a true wilderness setting. Here, a well conceived plan is a must.



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