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Nankoweap Journey


Photo by Rob Jones
Trip Report

     Often times, Grand Canyon visitors realize a hopelessness in trying to grasp the enormity of what lies before them from a viewpoint along the rim. It's discovered that the canyon can only be appreciated in small portions. Overlooks, mule rides, hiking trails and helicopter tours are some of the most common ways to take in the spectacular 277 mile corridor.
     After their first encounter with this marvelous spectacle, visitors are left wondering how the canyon was formed. After years of study, it's been discovered that the Colorado River could not have created the enormous crease on its own. What is now seen is the handi-work of a multitude of side canyons and smaller streams which carry tons of abrasive sand and rock downstream every day. Over thousands of years, the immense gorge grew larger and larger with every rain shower and thunderstorm.
      The Wilderness Vagabond's journey begins at 8000 feet elevation in the cool Kaibab National Forest on the North Rim. Headed down through Nankoweap Canyon, from the top of the Kaibab Plateau, is a trip that's considered as the most strenuous hike into the Grand Canyon. The arduous adventure has its grand rewards, such as this enchanting view seen from several thousand feet below the rim. Nankoweap granaryHere at the halfway mark, a row of small alcoves were built into the recesses of the canyon walls, 1,000 feet above the Colorado River. The pueblo era storehouse protected their harvest from looters and weather. If this granary scene seems familiar, the photo may have been in your wallet or purse. The 2009 annual National Parks Pass featured this similar scene from the North Rim.



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