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West Milton Inn Falls

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West Milton Inn Falls - Ohio

Photo by John Mueller
Ludlow Falls inset by Lee Kreider

     A few miles north of Dayton and I-70, Route 48 passes through West Milton, surrounded by western Ohio's rolling hills and rich farmland. Left behind from the Wisconsin Age, Milton's soils are composed of huge amounts of loess, enriched with limestone and dolomite. From these picturesque rolling hills come an abundance of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats and hay. Some steeper grades remain covered in woodlands, while others provide pasturelands for livestock.
     Springs well up from this porous rock, creating a string of small streams that flow down to the Stillwater River. Here in the heart of West Milton, a stream flows under Miami Street, Ludlow Falls - Miami County, Ohio and pours over a series of rock ledges, creating a beautiful cascade. At one time, the West Milton Inn overlooked the falls area here on the corner of routes 48 and 571. The inn is now closed, but the West Milton Inn Falls remain. Even though the falls, sometimes called the West Milton Cascades, are located on private property, an unwritten agreement allows spectators a perfect waterfall viewpoint. Continuing northward about block on Miami Street (Route 48), West Milton visitors will pass Overlook Falls and Overlook Falls Park. Waterfall fans are in for another treat as they continue northward for a few miles to Ludlow Falls.

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