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Yellowstone - #225

Yellowstone - #225

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Moving Minnesota's iron ore from mine to port required tremendous amounts of power. The Baldwin Locomotive plant filled the bill with some of the largest steam locomotives ever built. Nicknamed the Yellowstones, this class of locomotive were Yellowstone's Drive Wheelsdesignated 2-8-8-4s, using two leading wheels, two sets of eight massive drive wheels, and a four wheel trailing truck.
     The 225, pictured here, was purchased by the Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company in June 1941 and hauled over 44 million ton of iron ore from Mesabi and Vermillion Ranges. The length of the engine and tender stretches over 127 feet and stands over 16 feet tall. The locomotive weighs in at 695,000 pounds and the tender, when fully loaded with water and coal weighs 436,635 pounds. Retirement came in 1961, after the 225 had traveled nearly 695,000 miles. The Range's locomotives were donated the engine to the citizens of Proctor and placed on display through the efforts of the Proctor Development Council. Only 72 Yellowstones were built and the 225 is one of three survivors.



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