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Fisher Towers

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Fisher Towers - Fisher Towers Recreation Site, Moab, Utah

Photo by Paul Winters
Corkscrew by Greg Schaefer via Wikimedia Commons
Titan by Bruce Wilson

     One of the best introductions to Utah's Canyonlands Country is to drive Route 128 from Cisco to Moab. This scenic highway picks up the Colorado River about 10 miles south of Cisco and Corkscrew Spire - Fisher Towers Recreation Site, Moab, Utah parallels the river from Granite Creek to the town of Moab. Impressive shear canyon walls framed the southeastern side of Route 128, while, across the road, the Colorado River steadily heads southwest to join the Green River at Island in the Sky.
     One of the amazing sites along the way is a cluster of vermillion towers made up of Cutler sandstone. Created by the steady process of erosion, the towers were preserved by a top layer of resistant Moenkopi sandstone. Here at the Fisher Towers Recreation Site visitors are able to explore the towers and get a close up views of these soaring pinnacles. Welcoming Fisher Towers' explorers, the site offers a small campground, picnic tables, vault toilet and trail. Located near mile-marker 21 on Route 128, a two mile dirt road heads east to the recreation site. The Fisher Towers trail is a little over two miles and takes most sightseers about three to four hours to complete. Visitors are cautioned Titan - Fisher Towers Recreation Site, Moab, Utah to bring water and keep tabs of the local weather. Falling rocks are common after a rainstorm, a reminder that erosional forces are still at work.
     The Fisher Towers have issued an unspoken challenge to rock climbers from all over the United States. The highest tower, a 900 foot high sandstone spire, has earned the name Titan. King Fisher is pictured on the left, while Titan is barely discernible on the right along with other towers called Ancient Arts, Cottontail and the small Corkscrew. Titan remained unclimbed until 1960, when three climbing enthusiasts made it to the peak of this thin pinnacle. Titan is now one of the classic climbs in and around the Moab area. More than twenty-five movies have been filmed here at Fisher Towers, including City Slickers II, Goldmember and the old western, Against a Crooked Sky.

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