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The Bear Cave

Bear Cave

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     The state of Arkansas boasts of its first park as a special, unforgettable and spectacular place, with a dozen of good reasons. Petit Jean State Park is one the most popular, scenic places in the state, carved from a magnificent section of the Arkansas River Valley. The park is noted for its breathtaking views from Petit Jean Mountain, its rugged canyonland and hollows, enchanting waterfalls and a variety of natural rock features. The lodge and other Civilian Conservation Corps buildings blend well into the park's surroundings. The CCC was also instrumental in a fine trail system, where over 20 miles of trails provide close-up views of the park's diverse scenic beauty. A few trails, designated as National Recreation Trails, range from an advanced 12 mile challenge to a quarter mile, fun filled family adventure to the Bear Cave.



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