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Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Main photo - courtesy of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
Inset photos by Ben Prepelka

     One of Chattanooga's great attractions, visitors come to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum - Junction Depotto enjoy a thrilling ride aboard a vintage train, powered by a fleet of historic locomotives. Often described as a moving museum, the TVRM provides a unique railroading experience that's no longer common in today's world which travels by mostly by car or plane.
     Recently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Tennessee Valley Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum - 349 Locomotive Railroad has come a long way since its fledgling days as a rail yard. Founded in 1960 as a chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, a group of dedicated railway preservation- ists helped restore the remaining steam locomotives at the Western Union pole yard in east Chattanooga. Beginning with donated land from the Southern Railway, volunteers continued to add permanent facilities, improve abandoned railway track, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum - 5288 Locomotive and assist in the restoration of the museum's vintage steam locomotives and passenger cars.
     Today, TVR museum visitors may experience railroading just as it was during the golden age, plus its large collection of historic steam engines, diesels, and passenger coaches. The museum hopes to pass on its knowledge, skills and railroading passion to a younger generation, providing a Rail-camp for teenagers each summer. The TVRM is the largest operating historical museum in the southeast and offers a full schedule of mainline trips.

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