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Canal Greenway Bridge

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Canal Greenway Bridge - Hebron, Ohio

Photo by Gregory S. Hamilton
Greg Hamilton Photography

   The finished work of 19th century craftsmen, on display for the world to see, still survives today throughout Ohio's countryside. Intricate truss systems, countless tie beams and rough hewn supporting members continue to astonish American covered bridge tour sightseers. With the argument of longevity alone, these national treasures are a strong testament of the know-how of local artisans.
   Although the numbers of covered bridges has waned during the mid 20th century, replaced by reinforced concrete spans, the covered bridge idea has made resurgence. This view of the Canal Greenway Bridge captures an icy, 80 foot covered bridge near Hebron. Supported by an Ithiel Town lattice truss, this covered bridge is located on the Ohio Canal Greenway. The pathway utilizes the old Penn Central Railroad right-of-way, an excellent venue for hiking, fishing and bird watching. Appearing as one of Ohio's historic covered bridges, this Canal Greenway span was built in 1992, joining the wood revolution and what has worked best for a hundred plus years. In fact, Ohio now boasts the largest and longest covered bridge in America. Finished in 2008, the Smolen–Gulf Bridge incorporates four, 152 foot sections, supported by three foot thick Douglas fir and yellow pine members. The state also lists six more wooden bridges built during the last decade.

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