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Little Manitou Falls

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Little Manitou Falls - Pattison State Park, Wisconsin

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   A line of spectacular waterfalls stretches arcoss the northern borders of both Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Interfalls Lake Following a steep escarpments along the Lake Superior shoreline, this area of the upper Midwest is a haven for waterfall fans.
   Located in the northwest corner of the state, Pattison State Park is one of Wisconsin's most popular waterfall parks and the site for Wisconsin's tallest waterfall. Just a short drive from the Superior-Duluth area, the park surrounds one of the most scenic sections of the Black River. Upstream on the Black River, Little Manitou Falls puts on a beautiful show before flowing into the Interfalls Lake. North of the lake, the river drops again over Big Manitou Falls, creating an impressive 165 foot cascade. Eight miles of scenic trails Big Manitou Falls follow each side of the river where hikers may reach both Big and Little Manitou Falls. For those not up to a longer hike, short paths to both waterfall overlooks are an easy drive from each other along Route 35.
   Big Manitou Falls River Trail, about three-quarters of a mile in length, also offers hikers a close-up look at some of the park's most dramtic geology. The Douglas Fault runs through the park and can best be seen below Big Manitou Falls. Movements in the earth's crust have forced rock masses up at a 50 degree angle. Here, these fractures are filled with minerals and valuable metals. Discovered by early Ojibwa Natives (Chippewa), copper and quartz were fashioned into tools and weapons. The Old Copper Culture and Woodland Native Indians lived in this area from 5000 B.C. until the Europeans arrived in the 17th century.

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