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Old Trinity Episcopal Church

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Old Trinity Episcopal Church - Cambridge, Maryland

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The first English settlers arrived on the shores of the Chesapeake in 1607. With news of a favorable climate, it wasn't long until other charters were sought for this area. The second Lord Baltimore received a grant from Charles I to establish the Colony of Maryland, named for Queen Henrietta Maria. In 1633, over 150 colonists set sail for the southern tip of Maryland's western shore.
   Lord Baltimore opposed the Jesuits desire to make Maryland a theocracy. In fact, he encouraged Puritan Protestant settlers. Soon, England's civil war was imported to the New World. During this time of troubles and Old Trinity Entrance - Trinity Episcopal Church - Cambridge, Maryland after Ingle's Rebellion, Catholics, fearing death, sought refuge in neighboring Virginia. Eventually, Maryland's first capitol city, Saint Mary's, was moved to the protestant stronghold of Annapolis. Lord Baltimore's rule ended in 1689 and in the wake of the Glorious Revolution, Catholics were disenfranchised.
   Old Trinity Church of Dorchester Parish, circa 1670, is featured in this view. Located on the Delmarva Peninsula in the town of Church Creek, this red brick, plain church building exemplifies the move from large, ornate European cathedrals. The Episcopal Church, with its beginnings in Maryland, attributes its roots to Saint Margaret's and the Anglican Church.

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