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North Window - Windows Section, Arches National Park, Utah

Photos by Bob Fagley

   When it comes to natural arches, Arches National Park is the most unusual place in the world. Here, these natural phenomenons, totaling more than 2000 sandstone arches, cover 75,000 acres. Some of these huge arches dwarf visitors with spans of 300 feet, North Window Classic View while others have tiny openings barely big enough to crawl through. Here in a desert land with towering sandstone fins, massive balanced rocks and figure-like pinnacles, visitors are invited to explore these natural wonders and enjoy close-up views of these amazing rock windows.
   This eerie view, looking toward North Window, is enhanced by an unusual late spring snowfall. Here in the arid Colorado Plateau, precipitation is always welcome. Many park plants and animals are in decline, caused by a prolonged drought here in Utah as well as the entire Southwest. The drought has had a big impact on Lake Powell, one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States. The lake is recharged primarily from the Colorado and Green rivers, and less precipitation in the Rockies simply means less water in the lake. Although the lake rebounded slightly in 2010 and 2011, recently levels have dropped 110 feet below full pool, or 53 percent below capacity. Glen Canyon Dam was dedicated on September 22, 1966 and took an additional 16 years to fill the lake when snowfall was plentiful.

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