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Tinker's Creek State Park

Tinker's Creek State Park

Photo and Feature Article
by Monnie Ryan
Zenfolio Gallery

Once a private park called Colonial Spring Gardens, Tinker's Creek State Park has become one of Ohio's little gems. The land was purchased in 1966 by the state, operated for a time as a wildlife area and turned to park status in 1973. This fall photo captures the park's centerpiece, a 10 acre lake, encircled with a colorful northern hardwood forest.
A network of three trails can be combined for a two-mile hike. Much of this passes through Tinker's Creek State Nature Preserve, which is adjacent to the state park. The 1.5-mile Seven Ponds Trail includes a boardwalk through wetlands, while a 1.2-mile Pond Run Trail circles a large pond where wildlife thrives. Visitors are likely to spot beaver, muskrats, weasel, whitetail deer and migrating birds, such as Mallards and Canadian geese.
The 786-acre Tinker's Creek State Nature Preserve, adjacent to the state park, is dotted with beaver ponds. The short trails offer opportunities for seeing wildlife, including birds, reptiles and amphibians, such as snapping turtles, four-toed salamanders and bullfrogs.
Most of the park and nature preserve, located in northern Portage County, remains in its original state. Made up of primarily swamp and marshland, the area has seen limited foot traffic, retaining its primitive conditions. The wetlands came into being as a result of the glaciers that inched their way into Ohio during the Pleistocene Ice Age, leaving behind such glacial features as moraines, kames and eskers.



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