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Charons Garden Wilderness

Charons Garden Wilderness - Oklahoma

Photos by Laban West

     Oklahoma's fleeting crimson sunlight has left the Wichita Mountains in an Crab Eyes-Twin Rocks Mountaineye-catching silhouette. Another day has ended at the Charons Garden Wilderness, just as it always has for thousands of years. Except for a few established hiking trails, the land has been preserved and remains as it always was. The rugged mix of granite boulders and prairie grass makes it a desirable environment for grazing elk, white-tailed deer and bison. The rocky mix of boulders made it impossible to farm, making it a unique, pristine area to preserve. Wichita Mountain Refuge was established in 1901. This untouched section of southwest Oklahoma encompasses 59,000 acres and offers hiking adventures for all. The Valley of the Boulders is rated strenuous and should be attempted by those individuals in prepared condition. Their treat may be a sunset such as this wonderful view.



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