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Marietta Front Street

Marietta Front Street

Photos by Ben Prepelka

Today's Marietta city scene catches a glimpse of Front Street and a stormy sky over the Ohio River. It was this view that attracted residents to the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory. Marietta was established in 1788 where the Muskingum River joins the great Ohio. Across the street is the famous Lafayette Hotel, opened in 1918, two years after the Bellevue Hotel was destroyed by fire. Over the years Lafayette Hotelthe grand four story hotel received significant improvements and additions. The Gun Room opened in 1946 and is known for its fine dining and a collection of famous long rifles. Beside the vintage gun collection, the room displays various riverboat accessories and instrument, including an 11 foot ship's wheel. The Lafayette takes great pride in its Ohio River location and its steamboat era roots, displaying riverboat paintings and models.
Woodsteamers were a common sight cruising up and down the Ohio during the mid 1800s, easily attracting the attention of a young boy, Caius Marcus Cole. The Cole family moved into the small village, today's Marietta, and established a wood yard along the river bank. It was common for steamboats to stop for a fresh supply of wood, used for fuel. Caius eventually took over his father's business and added building stone to his inventory. Cole's extensive stone work was found throughout Marietta. Today, some of Cole's street pavers are still evident in this Front Street view.



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