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Shoreline Boulevard

Corpus Christi Shoreline Boulevard

Photo by Amanda Haddox
In My Mind's Eye

     Texas town, Corpus Christi, has always stood the chance of seeing harmful effects from a Gulf hurricane or damaging flood tides. The city is built by the bay and looks to Padre Island, a low-lying barrier island, for its only protection from the weather. After an early 1900s hurricane, the city looked to design a seawall barrier.
     Today, Corpus Christi has improved the seawall that follows the Shoreline Boulevard. The Bayfront walkway, captured here in a late evening view, provides a delightful two mile walkway along the McGee Beach and the Corpus Christi Bay. The Bayfront area offers scenic views of the bay that's lined with yachts and fishing boats. More entertaining sites include the USS Lexington, a floating museum, the Padre Island National Seashore, bay cruises, and some of the best deep sea fishing out of Port Aransas. There's a long list of ideas that could only lengthen your stay in the Sparkling City by the Sea.



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